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Ukrainian embroidery

Dear friends! You have before you a site which has been compiled by Ukrainian children and adults who all their lives have been in love with the folk art of embroidery. Taking patterns from old objects, sometimes completely bygone and transferring them to our shirts, aprons and towels, we wanted to share these riches with all those who are interested in folk art.
You will remark, no doubt, at the originality of the selection and particular order of patterns. They were compiled with an aim, above all, to show you the common root and relation of symbols from all over Ukraine and the united philosophy which is embodied in magical, protective designs. Symbols of water, the sun and earth predominate in the embroidery of the hutsul, slobozhan, volonyan, bukovinstsi, boyki and podolyan people (ethnic groups in Ukraine), because for our people, descended from earth, these concepts were sacred. So it is that through this simple but at the same time brilliant sign system of squares, crosses and "vuzhyky" (zig-zags) the Ukrainian Oman's outlook on such philosophical themes as the Universe, Life on Earth, Birth, Death and the comprehension of one's place and calling is revealed.
We give a short explanation of the most important and common symbols, based on our interpretation and understanding of decoration which has developed as a result of painstaking research. In order to be able to read folk pattern symbols, then, it is not enough to be able to embroider or paint "Pysanky" (Easter-Eggs). For this knowledge of history, philosophy, folklore and ethnography is required.
We hope this site will be of use not only to embroiderers, but also to teachers of folklore and above all to those interested in the ancient history of their ukrainian land. Perhaps it may encourage the formation of other embroidery groups. This is really a marvellous means of bringing adults and children together into a special atmosphere of family warmth and understanding.

"A Red Guelder-Rose is weeping in the meadow
And with reason
Our noble Ukraine is seasoned in sorrow.
But we will raise this red guelder-rose tree,
And we will render our noble Ukraine merry,
Hey! Hey!"